Monday, February 18, 2013

HP Chromebook Sold Out Two Weeks After Launch

During the week of January 28th, there were several reports of a leaked PDF calling attention to a possible Chromebook released by HP,  Lenovo had already announced that they would be releasing a Chromebook, and the tech press was scrambling to explain that traditional windows PC makers were now releasing something other than a Windows PCs.  The next week low and behold the rumor was reality and it was available for sale in in the US.  

Right of the bat it seemed like no one but me wanted one of these devices.  The articles from Chrome OS critics, Tech press, Bloggers and even Chrome OS fans, all called out reasons not to get the first Chromebook with a larger than 12 inch screen.  The reasons ranged from the “limited” nature of Chrome OS itself, the size, the battery life, the price.  Even among the Chromebook faithful, you would get the idea that Chromebooks shouldn't be bigger than 12 inches, 2 lbs, and more than 250 dollars ( good luck getting the Pixel for $250 if it does actually come out).

Well unless HP made 3-4 of these devices (at the time I wrote this there were only 4 reviews of this device and one was probably was not someone who owns one), I’m in good company, in just  two weeks after its release while looking for accessories (I’m a big fan of HP’s travel chargers with USB charging port built into the power brick), I noticed that the HP Pavillion Chromebook is now out of stock, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised it is not the first Chromebook that has found itself out of stock (+Ian Cummings, thanks for pointing that out).

All in all I’ll take it as a positive sign that HP sold what they thought they would sell, and I further applaud when a traditional PC maker takes a risk on Chromebooks.  Sure it isn’t a perfect device, but then again I don’t expect a perfect device for $330, $240, or $200, just one that fits my needs and two weeks later the Pavilion Chromebook 14  and Chrome OS does.

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  1. Great article. It looks like the Chromebook trend is finally catching on. I'm using an ARM Samsung Chromebook at the moment and couldn't be happier.

    Hopefully more and more manufacturers will get on board.