Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chromebook Pixel..... Wow....Just Wow!

There are going to a more than a few Chromebook Pixel reviews coming soon, and a few have already been published, and a lot are going to read in a similar way.   They will tell you what a wonderful piece of hardware this is, and then cut their review with the obligatory “its really expensive,” “Not for everyone,” blah blah blah,  I guess thats all true.  I got mine today and I expected some buyers remorse but in the first few hours of using the Pixel, I have had now misgivings about the decisions I made as impulsive as it was.

I all I want to do is dispense with with all hedging and celebrate the Pixel, say Wow! just Wow! The screen as you have heard is every bit as impressive we were led to believe.  I think I owe some of the Apple fanboys I deal with an apology.  I used to rail against the retina display as unnecessary and it may be a luxury but once you experience it, its hard to go back.  The screen is glorious, the closest thing I have to it is probably my Acer S7 Windows 8 machine and while its on par in touch functionality,  the display is much better on the Pixel.

The biggest surprise is the speakers, and this isn’t a case of lowered expectations being surpassed, as i have heard a lot of good things about the speakers on the Pixel.  The first song played on the Pixel, “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers on Google Play Music, surprised me not in volume but also in clarity.  I had my reservations, “speakers under the keyboard?”, but again Wow!

The speed and response of pages opening rivals my Chromebox as it should as the specs are similar, The built in webcam is sharp and clean and for once on a laptop, I’m not tempted to plug in another webcam into the usb slot and use it instead of the built in unit.  I love the industrial minimalist design, and the keyboard is a joy to type on.

I am sure you can nitpick things about the Pixel, thats what other reviews are for,.... wait strike that, that is what reviews are for this is my endorsement and celebration of my purchase  Fans of Chrome OS, who can afford it (I don’t advocate going to the poor house for technology) and are on the fence about purchasing a Pixel, my input is do it.  Its a great machine and vehicle for Chrome OS.

Thanks for indulging my enthusiasm for the Chromebook Pixel

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